Hi! I am Zorina. I use exclamation points a lot in my writing to show how expressive I am! Aside from that, I try to write about things that are important to me-my life process, realizations, and stuff like that.  I hope that you will sign up for my blog and that my writing may strike a chord, a note, a vibration for you.

All my best,



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  1. James Johnson
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 08:22:13

    Hi. I just read your blogpost “The Marijuana Diet: How Pot Enhances My Life” and had to write to say how well I relate to it. I was a hippy, Dead-head, for much of my younger years (1970s-1980s) but quit smoking it when I moved to Oregon 20+ years ago, not for lack of availability (it’s all around, if one knows the “right” people), but I just didn’t hang with the right people. I got some seeds from a person who has a medical card and grew a plant last summer and now occaisionaly smoke a bud or two. I had forgotten how pleasurable the whole experience was.

    They (governments) should just legalize cultivation and possession for smaller amounts, i.e. several ounces, for personal use. Nobody would grow tons of it, except maybe pharmaceutical companies for a USP rating. Pot thieves wouldn’t be ripping off growers. It would stop a lot of petty crime in this country and it would shut down the Mexican drug cartels behind the escalating violence in that country.

    Are there any organizations working for complete decriminalization right now? I’ve heard of the Marijuana Project but a lot of “counter-establishment” news has been eclipsed in recent months by the Occupy phenomenon.


  2. Darlene Marmol
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 03:46:25

    I so relate!! congrats on your publication!!


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